Candles conjure atmosphere – whether you’re styling a dramatic dinner table, cosy living room or sultry evening by the pool. We offer candles (both scented and unscented) complemented by a myriad of tealight holders, pillar holders, hurricanes and lanterns that reflect global fashions. Through our current collection you’ll see a focus on matte and natural finishes.



Amalfi’s fashion candleholders are guaranteed glamour. This season, our collection’s style highlights include beautiful ceramic candleholders as well as pieces that showcase on-trend matte black, copper and gold finishes.


Our lanterns create an atmospheric focal point either on their own, or in groupings of two or three. When clustered together, lanterns come alive if mixed-and-matched. We offer glass options accented by rope, copper, gold and other metallic trimmings, as well as ceramic lanterns in a range of alluring colours.


Delight in the intoxicating perfume of our scented candles - some of which are poured locally in Melbourne. As for unscented candles - these are the first ingredient for setting a scene. We also offer flameless options for practicality, safety and convenience.