With options perfect for the living room, bedroom, hall, study or kitchen – our clocks deliver decorative impact. The collection boasts large, statement wall clocks that command attention, complemented by many smaller desk or mantle options that seamlessly tie together your décor theme.

We bring you global trends at the right time. For Winter 2017 we're introducing contemporary Kinley and Arch Pendulum mantle clocks (see below), as well as wall clocks featuring the Amalfi logo for on-trend distinction. Also trending across our range are clocks in terrazzo, cement, wood, marble and metallics. Furthermore, Amalfi uses a Taiwanese movement for timekeeping - delivering superior accuracy. Amalfi’s collection does not come about by chance – our dedicated clock experts design and source pieces of beauty and quality.


Kinley Mantle Clock
Grey/Gold 19.5x21.5cm

Arch Pendulum Mantle Clock
Natural/White/Black 15x25cm

Penny Metal Wall Clock
Pink/White 31.5cm

Leni Wall Clock
Black/Natural Wood 41.5cm