Nothing builds ambience and conjures moods quite like an Amalfi light. Aside from their practical delivery of light, our lamps are styled into rooms for their vast decorative effects. A lamp can be a dazzling focal point or an understated source of mellow warmth. Across our lamp categories (desk, floor and table) you will find glass, ceramic, wooden, gold, copper, marble, wire, rope and cement products that let you see your décor in a new light. Shining bright this season are Amalfi's architectural lamps with their smooth metallic lines and angles, as well as our textured ceramic based pieces. We also sell filament globes that can be used with our exposed globe lamps.


Pendant lights create brilliant points of interest, whilst illuminating targeted areas such as bedsides, kitchen workspaces, dining tables and hallways. For interiors where space comes at a premium, pendants offer a bright alternative to floor, table and desk lamps. Marble, concrete and metallic options are our top pendant picks. 


Illuminate your workspace with precision. Our desk lamps are designed to provide targeted light without getting in the way, and many are adjustable for supreme functionality. We offer bright and colourful desk lamps for students, right through to high-end executive pieces. 


The table lamp is an interior stylists’ best friend. Carefully selected by Amalfi’s lighting experts, we offer a fashion-forward collection to illuminate virtually any setting – whether by the bed, on a hall table or in the living room. This season, look out for our exposed filament globe, marble based, concrete, copper and oversize ceramic table lamps.


Amalfi’s floor lamps provide a decorative anchor for living rooms and hallways, but can also be styled into bedsides and bedroom corners with striking results. Our brilliant range showcases Scandinavian wood looks, metallic finishes, marble and concrete. 


Mac Pendant
Blue Glass/Antique Zinc Metal 26x36cm

Moss Pendant
Antique Bronze & Antique Brass Metal 41x74cm

Sol Pendant
Forest Green Glass/Antique Zinc Metal 26x47cm

Arc Desk Lamp
Matte Green Metal 38x57cm

Carson Desk Lamp
Ivory & Gold Metal 26x43cm

Harpa Desk Lamp
White & Black Metal 21x45cm

Eddie Table Lamp
Matte Burgundy & Brass Metal 25x46cm

Hartford Table Lamp
Blue & White Ceramic 40x75.5cm

Tropicana Table Lamp
Clear Glass/Green 33x63cm

Sphere Floor Lamp
White Metal 50x155cm

Salem Floor Lamp
Grey & Matte Black Metal/Grey Marble 42x150cm

Chicago Floor Lamp
Grey/Brushed Brass 31x122cm