Vases, platters and bowls

Across our vast collection, we offer timeless designs as well as the most fashion-forward trends seen on the international stage. Whilst our range ticks the box for quantity, we also hold craftsmanship paramount. Amalfi’s expert buyers are committed to bringing you exquisite art glass, ceramic and metallic pieces of superior quality.



Our art glass vases, candleholders and deco balls infuse interiors with an avant-garde edge. This season, pieces that showcase mixed materials, metallic looks and sublime lustre finishes are talk of the town.


Amalfi’s ceramics epitomise craftsmanship and style. By working with talented artisans and leading global producers, we offer remarkable vases, bowls, plates, boxes, trays, planters and stools. For Winter 2017 look out for handcrafted, earthy looks and textures. 


A hint of metallic magic adds glamour to any space. If going all out - expect dazzling results. Amalfi offers copper, gold, black, silver and brass finished pieces, all fashioned into stunning form. This season, we're focusing on darker black and blue tones. 


The intricate grain of wood makes each of our wooden vases unique. These pieces add a natural element to your space. 


Merchant Bowl
Stone/Black, 8x18cm

Lincon Vase
Green/White, 20x29cm

Habitat Vase
White/Terracotta, 20x35cm

S/3 Subi Vases
Multi-coloured, 16/21/26cm