Wall Decor

Wall Art

 A wall is a blank space to be adorned with your signature style. We offer canvas prints, framed art, hangable baskets and metallic decorative features that channel your flair and bring wall spaces to life. Highlights for the season include our photography collection - including sun-drenched snaps of atmospheric destinations. 

Fabric wall hangings

With our stunning fabric wall hangings, there’s no need to get hung up on frames and canvasses. Fabric wall hangings provide a stylish alternative to solid wall art, bringing softness and textural interest that offset hard surfaces.  In bedrooms, they arouse a comforting and seductive ambiance, whereas in living areas the effect is head-turning. Our current fabric hangings for Summer 2017/2018 feature rich, earthy tones with a casual feel.


Lumineer Marble Print Wall Decor - 2 Asst
Grey Marble/Gold colours - 50x70cm

Lunar Wall Hanging
Black 75x105cm

Homestead Wall Decor
Multi colour 35x35cm

Clarence Wall Hanging
Natural 80x130cm